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Caring for Hardwoods: Part I

One of the most common problems we see with tree trimming is hardwood pruning. Hardwoods include Oak, Mahogany, Black Olive, etc. All over town are trees stripped of all young branches on the inside of the tree, or trees only trimmed halfway up not touching the top. We see people topping (cutting the outside tips of branches) trees, leaving scars and nubs that will create further future damage…unfortunately, the list goes on. We also talk to many homeowners that believe they are receiving a full structural prune but are being left with trees that are only elevated and still charged full price. Improper pruning techniques can lead to breaking limbs, property damage, disease, growth stunting, and all types of issues later down the road. Once a tree is topped, it never grows back properly again, therefore the local governments hand out violations, fines, tickets, and even demands that you replace to tree completely. The ticket does not go to the contractor that performed the improper pruning, but to the homeowner that owns the tree.

So how are homeowners to be sure that they are receiving exactly what they are supposed to and what they are paying for without obtaining a minor arboriculture degree? The absolute best way to protect yourself against improper pruning is to only hire a professional tree service to trim your trees. Tree Services focus solely on tree trimming and tree care, that is our passion and our life. We have no other interests or divested attentions. So many homeowners confuse landscape and lawn maintenance companies with tree care because it makes sense – landscaping is trees right? No, it’s not! Landscapers have different licenses, education and even different insurance. That’s right, landscapers do not carry a Workman’s Comp code to work off the ground, in a tree, or on a ladder which is required to trim your trees properly. If a landscaper falls from a tree in your yard, you can be sued! This is so important for everyone to know and we wanted to make this our first blog. Protect your trees, your home and yourself, hire a professional tree service to trim your trees.

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