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Tree Trimming & More in Fort Myers, FL

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree’s problems are so advanced that it needs to be removed. Removal is necessary when a tree is dead, hazardous, crowding, causing harm to surrounding trees or has been previously trimmed improperly. Sometimes a homeowner would just like to change their trees for those that grow better or are easier to maintain.

Whatever your reasons, Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding can assist you with any type and size of tree removal. Our employees are trained with all the proper equipment and the safest techniques to properly and safely remove your trees. We will clean up and haul away all the generated debris leaving you with nothing left to do other than planning the use of your new space.

Tree Trimming

Common reasons for pruning include dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous branches. A certified Arborist can provide you with recommendations on how to prune your trees depending on species, location, age, growth rate, and the condition of your trees. Most pruning can be done throughout the year with minimal adverse effect on the health of the tree.

A properly pruned tree will stay healthier, improve the appearance, and reduce failure in storms. Pruning service can include elevation, thinning of the canopy, and removal of dead and dying limbs. Palm Tree trimming includes the removal of dead and dying fronds, those hanging too low or interfering with surrounding structures and landscape, as well as trimming the upper boots.

Lot Clearing & Mulch Fill

Whether you are getting ready to build a house on your vacant lot, maintain curb appeal, clear exotics for code violations, or simply prepare land for resale, we offer services for full scale lot clearing. Included in these services is machinery such as a skid steer, grapple truck, bobcat, and complete debris hauling and disposal. We also pick up any debris piles from stockpiled yard and garden waste.

If you have a large area that needs to be raised and would like assistance in escaping the rising cost of fill dirt, we offer free truckloads of delivered mulch. This material consists of trees that have been run through a wood chipper therefore it is completely free of any debris such as trash, metal, and rocks. Mulch can be placed in low areas for yards and perimeter berms but should not be placed in any structural pads.

Exotics Maintenance

Those of us that live in SW Florida are probably familiar with the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s list of exotic and nuisance species. It is against local and state regulations for any exotic species to grow on your property and an allowance of >5% for nuisance species. This pertains to any property—vacant or occupied, single lots, or entire preserves. These plants, trees, and grasses are highly invasive taking over all other native vegetation within the area with the ability to spread through the soil and to release spores in the wind.

The aggressiveness of these particular species requires regular maintenance to establish full eradication. Communities that maintain natural areas and/or preserves typically set up a quarterly maintenance program, but whether you maintain a full community or your own backyard, it is ideal to begin with the removal of all large exotics and then to return as needed to spray the inevitable regrowth. Some homeowners are able to maintain the regrowth on their own after the initial removal has been complete.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is a small, single person-operated machine brought in to grind down the tree stump after a removal has been completed. The machine is lightweight and self-propelled so there will be no damage to sod or surrounding landscape. However, three feet of clear direct access to the stump is required. As the grinding wheel passes over the stump, it turns it into mulch that is raked back into the hole leaving a couple inches for sod placement.

A regular stump grinding goes down approximately 4 inches and the remaining underground portion of the stump decomposes naturally over time. A deep grinding is a specialty task and must be specified by the customer. This includes grinding the stump out completely, which is approximately one to two feet deep for most trees.

Arborist Services

We are arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. As part of this certification, continuing education credits, or CEU’s, are required annually in order to maintain the license. These credits are earned by attending educational seminars, classes, onsite demonstrations, arboriculture special events, and continual testing on various related topics. We attend classes throughout the United States and those hosted locally by various tree services, nurseries, tree farms, supply companies, and major educational institutes such as The University of Florida as well as governmental agencies. These classes include education on the latest tree care, local government code and regulations, safety, insurance updates, identifying pests and diseases, proper planting, planning and growth procedures, and proper pruning techniques to name a few.

Since being a certified arborist is not a requirement to have a tree service license in SW Florida, it is especially important for the homeowner to be sure those you hire have taken this extra step. A certified arborist is different than being a member of the ISA or having an arborist on staff. Being a certified arborist means that when you call for your estimate or ask to meet for questions you may have, you will meet with that arborist and no one else. Access to a certified arborist not only provides you with the latest information for tree care and the ability to recognize disease and pests on your property, but also long term management, placement, and up-to-date knowledge for all of your questions and concerns.



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